Welcome to Parklands of New Brunswick!

We’re glad you’ve decided to check us out. In this first post we’ll try to answer some questions you may have about us, like what do we do, why we do it, and why you should be excited about the future of the greater Sussex and Hampton area!

After the unfortunate closing of the Potash Corp mine in Penobsquis two years ago, members of the affected community saw an opportunity to begin highlighting many of the other great qualities and amenities that are uniquely available to us as New Brunswickers. The natural beauty of our province drives the spirit behind our communities, and Parklands NB aims to provide an online location where all of the adventures and opportunities can be viewed on one platform. If you’re an owner or operator of a local business, make sure to register your business on our website. It’ll get the word out about your work or services, and helps us at Parklands NB display all of the options available to someone traveling to our area!

Whether you already live in the greater Hampton and Sussex region, or are just looking to explore your province, Parklands of New Brunswick will provide you with all of the information you need in order to get the most out of your adventure. We’ll be featuring local businesses, promoting the local art scene, and doing our best to show you that our communities have plenty to offer, even if you’re just passing through to hit the Fundy Trail. Who knows, maybe you’ll get attached. It’s a wonderful area to live in whether you’re looking to settle down with your family, or looking to slow things down and just enjoy life, it won’t take long to see that our community has everything you’re looking for.

Thanks again for checking us out! Keep an eye on us in the coming weeks; we’re going to be posting news about events and a handy guide to holiday shopping in the Dairytown and Hampton area. We’re just getting started! Play, Explore, and Grow with us at Parklands New Brunswick.